2015 Predictions

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These are some of my personal predictions that I can see happening by the year 2015. I came up with all of these and I’m sure that at least half of them will come true. Tell me what you think about them!

Eco-Safe Cars – Fuck hybrids, I’m talking about plug in electrics, ethanols, hydrogen powered PIMP cars. No more nasty smog.

Curly Hair will be in – Notice all the kids with the really straight hair? Even guys are straightening their hair now. I bet that this will die and curly hair will be the rage. Guys will be getting perms and shit.

Marijuana will begin to be legalized – Starting with individual states, and then eventually a federal law that would remove weed from the controlled drug list.

Web 2.0 will be old news – Instead of all these flashy websites that we know and love, we will grow back into the simple Times New Roman websites. HTML will rise again!

Talk of mexico being annexed into the USA – We will be running out of oil soon. Mexico has loads of it. And instead of all these people jumping the border, they will stay back in mexico where they will have the same benefits as us.

Human will walk on mars – NASA has been trying at this for years, and I believe that sometime in the near future we will have a successful human walk on mars.

All cell phones will use multi-touch and will have anywhere access internet capabilities – Fan of the iPhone? Think of phones 10 years ago. Greyscale, no texting, lame polyphonic ringtones. Just think of phones by 2015!

MySpace will have over a billion users – I know this is crazy to assume, but myspace already has over 300 million active users, and at the rate their going, this will easily be achieved. That is, if it doesn’t get hacked and destroyed =P


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5 Responses to “2015 Predictions”

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I think this is your “wish list” of things to happen by 2015.

Oh well anyway though, the world’s going to end in 2012!


like the way ur thinkin..


like.. since those green people.. … wat do u call em? .. those people who care about the ozone, and the green house effect will try prolonge our suffering by callin out to reduce all types of air pollution and all… (of course no one will listen) we’d probably be shorter, dumber, greener and yellower,

i guess they should stop it..

i mean .. eventually humans are all gonna die..

and i would never ever give up my Armada Nissan 8 cylinder work of art vehicle…
for a lame ass bike.. just because i dont wanna make a hole in da ozone..
screw dat layer.. i’ll use sun screen …

so basically the earth in other words, is like a sik sik sik dog, and no one wants to put it to sleep..

so hell with it.. lets abuse it.. .. we wont be there to cry and wish that we did anything else instead..

so in 2015, we’ll be too bored with wat we have,, and wat we acheived and well have nice cars that travel at a specific speed, and run on sea water, etc…

or maybe there will be an overload on the world’s energy systems and they will blow up..

and all the pcs and machinery wont work.. and we’d have to live like jungle bush people…



thanx for triggerin me in to blabbing endlessly…


tc .. have fun

I need some pridictions that mars people will com whit ufo

great website, I found it really very usefull info. will come back and visit again

How about the prediction by UFO Abductee on Youtube that by 2015 we will find Alien artifacts on the Moon. Then they,(Aliens), will reveal themseves and it will be undeniable. Suddenly, Humanity will realize there not alone , and humanity will begin its goldenage.

Well, Its alwasy good to Fantasize a little,or maybe I Know something.If you understand this”Awaken its time,its time,Sleep no more” you will know what I mean if not dont worry. Have no fear if this plans out.It will be awesome 🙂

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